RSPC Inc.  Commercial Lath & Plaster Licensed Contractor #505873

About Us.  From humble beginnings.

“Our logo and motto say it all — ‘Built on the Rock of Integrity’. We have stood on that ideal for over 25 years and our clients and customers know it to be true. We would like the opportunity to show you also.” Regan Schmalz — President/CEO, RSPC Inc.

The Story of RSPC, Inc.

The formation of RSPC, Inc. began long before 1982. The president of the company, Regan Schmalz, was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Downey, California. Regan was the third of four sons. His father, Clarence Schmalz, and uncle, Kenneth Schmalz, began working for George Raymond Plastering after returning from military service in WWII. After learning the trade, they formed a partnership, Schmalz Brothers, and began contracting. After a few years, they split the partnership and each began their own company.

As they grew up, Regan and his brothers spent their summers working for their father. Clarence instilled in his sons the importance of trust, quality, and sharing in business and personal life. Regan believes this molding of values in his younger years was the foundation for his success in not only his future business but in raising his own children later in life. After finishing college, Regan eventually returned to his father's company, working with the tools and learning how to read blueprints.

When his father retired, Regan started his own company in 1982 and began the journey of contracting on his own. Gradually, the company grew and the client base widened. In 1999, the company incorporated. Keeping quality employees who understood the importance of sticking to the company's motto was always a priority. Today, several employees have been with the company for over 25 years. The company has strived to build pride in workmanship but also awareness of a responsibility to service to our community. Our success in business is shared by giving back to worthwhile charities and agencies.